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It just gets to be amazing, World Champion 2006 and now again in 2011.

how to invest in Nike shares in Pakistan After scooping the overall gold medal at the World Cheese Awards in 2006 we were over the moon.

Two years ago the Awards were in Gran Canaria and once again our cheeses won medals. The 12 month matured Sheeps Milk Cheese (Brebis) won two gold medals. The Vache a bronze medal. Last year in Dublin we entered four cheeses. There were 2400 cheeses entered.� Our four cheeses recorded an amazing three gold medals and a bronze medal.� Now once again the 12 month matured Sheep's Milk Cheese has been made "Champion of the World. That is the second time on five years. We think that's worth making a big fuss about.

The 2006 overall winner the 12 month matured sheep's milk cheese is once again the 'Champion of the World'. The Two month matured cow's milk cheese won a gold medal.
The Nine month Matured unpasteurised sheep's milk cheese known as Ardi Gasna selection R Barthelemy won a gold medal. The 3 month matured small sheep's milk cheese won a bronze medal.� It had already won two gold medals in Paris in 2003 and 2006 so we weren't too disappointed.

We think we have the right to say that our cheeses are some of the best Cheeses in the World.� Now come and take a further look and then buy some of the 'Best Cheese in the World'�

Rhubarb Jam Wins Great Taste Award

invest in Nike shares in Pakistan When we first tasted the Rhubarb Jam from Amaxti we knew we had a winner now our judgment has been backed up by the Experts. We entered the Rhubarb Jam in this years Great Taste Awards run by the Guild of Fine Food Retailers. The product was awarded two gold stars. It's absolutely stunning

Top Quality Ham

With all the fuss about the cheeses we think that it is important not to forget another of our premier products from the French Basque country, Bayonne Ham. Celebrated for centuries by chefs and and lovers of fine food this is a taste experience not to be missed.

Down here in SW France we have just that. 800 years of tradition combined with modern hygiene to produce one of the finest air dried hams in the world, Bayonne Ham, already a firm favourite in France and now making a big impression in the UK.

We can sell you a Whole Ham on the bone, a Whole Ham without the bone, cut pieces of ham, or thinly cut slices in a vacuum pack. It is wonderful on it's own, with melon, wrapped round chicken and baked or fish and baked or...... just visit our recipes section for more.�

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