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Full List of our French Food Recipes


Salt Cod Croquettes. - Pays Basque

Deep fried golden potato and salt cod croquettes. Served with a salad garnish.

Baked Fig in Bayonne Ham - Pays Basque

Fresh ripe fig wrapped in Bayonne Ham topped with honey and baked.

Foie Gras,Honey Coated Gingerbread & Fresh Figs - Pays Basque

 Foie gras is usually served with French baguette, farmhouse, wholewheat or brioche bread. Instead why not serve it with gingerbread, the sweet and spicy aromas of which emphasize the foie gras rich flavors? Spread with honey, gingerbread slices are moist and smooth. Fresh figs, which were formerly used by the Egyptians and the Romans to feed geese, therefore they are a fitting accompaniment.

Foie gras, walnut bread and onion compote - Pays Basque

 For this recipe we suggest using a walnut bread to accompany this authentic and traditional delicacy? Red Onion compote adds a touch of sweetness to complete the dish.

Foie Gras with Three Jams - Pays Basque

It is a useful culinary practice to balance strong and rich flavors sweet flavours. We have several jams that are a perfect accompaniment to foie gras. Our award winning Rhubarb is superb in this role but the Raspberry jam and Black Cherry jam can also be used. Why not combine these three special jams to accentuate the subtle undertones of the foie gras ?

Fig, Chevre,Honey & Bayonne Ham Tapas - Pays Basque

This delightful dish takes less than ten minutes to prepare and makes a perfect starter or snack.  A lovely combination of figs, goats milk cheese, honey and Bayonne ham served toasted on a slice of wholegrain bread. 

Preparation time:- 5 minutes

Cooking time:- 5 minutes

Salmon Tartare with Ricotta and Honey - Pays Basque

A superb tartare of fresh salmon flavoured with onion, garllc, gherkins honey and Tabasco.  Served on a bed of Rocket, accompanied with Ricotta cheese, garnished with chives and drizzled with a honey vinaigrette.

A snack or starter, you can use fresh salmon or, as more common in the Basque country, sea trout.  It is best not to use a too strongly flavoured honey, I recommend Acacia.

Preparation Time 20 minutes

Rest time in refrigerator 1 hour

Flan d'aubergine. - Provence

A hot starter or could be served with a salad as a light lunch

Ratatouille - Provence

A classic Provencale vegetable mixture which can be served hot or cold with a main course or as a starter.

Rouille and Croutes - Provence

Rouille, a chilli spiced mayonnaise, is the traditional mayonnaise accompaniment to Soupe de Poisson and bouillabaisse.


Potage Garbure - Pays Basque

A very tasty vegetable soup with duck wings.

Ttoro. - Pays Basque

Pronounced Tioro this delightful fish soup is said to have originated in St Jean de Luz or Ciboure. A little difficult to prepare but well worth the effort.

Soup au Pistou - Provence

Provencale vegetable and pasta soup. 'Pistou' in Provence is Basil. This soup is rich in flavour perfumed with basil and very filling. Think of a light main course to follow!!!

Main - Vegetarian

Roast Vegetables Basque Style - Pays Basque

There are plenty of different vegetables that lend themselves to this treatment. This is just an idea, experiment with others and let us know what you did please. Enjoy

Main - Meat

Axoa - Pays Basque

This traditional veal dish from Esplette is simple and takes no more than 90 minutes to make in all.

Omelette Basquaise - Pays Basque

An omlette with 'body'. Potatoes, peppers, onion, bayonne ham and piment d'Espelette

Piperade - Pays Basque

This dish can be used as a starter, main course, or accompaniment to a main course. If you leave out the ham it can also be used as a vegetarian dish.

Poulet Basquaise - Pays Basque

Chicken Basque style.
A pot roast which is magnificent in it's simplicity.

Salmis de Palombes - Pays Basque

Pigeon breasts cooked slowly in a rich red wine sauce with bayonne ham and garlic.

Tournedos Rossini - Pays Basque

One of the great classic dishes of the world.  Created by French master chef Antonin Careme and named after his great friend the Italian composer Gioachino Rossini.  Pure luxury on a plate, the 'tournedos of fillet steak, foie gras, truffle or cepes and Madeira.

Daube Provencale - Provence meat stew. - Provence

Traditionally in French cusine a Daube is a slow cooked red meat stew. For instance Boeuf Bourgiunone is a Daube. This recipe is typical of the Provence region and would be served with pasta and grated gruyere cheese. It involves marinading the meat overnight.

Main - Fish

Salt Cod St Jean - Pays Basque

This recipe is supposed to have originated in St Jean Pied de Port. Salt Cod (Baccalao) was for two centuries the staple diet of most of Europe during the winter and much of it was caught and prepared by Basque seafarers.

Txangurro - Basque Crab Bake - Pays Basque

This delicious dish can be made with any crab meat, on the Basque coast, spider crab is used. Once cooked the crab meat and sauce are put into the the crab shells or ramekins then grilled. Because a single crab yields so little meat, it is usual to augment it with a white fish (cod or haddock).

Fish Marinade "Marinade a la Plancha" - Pays Basque

We have named this recipe after the the Restaurant which gave it to us, "The Bodega Plancha" in St Jean de Luz. It is a piquant marinade which is normally used hot over steamed/poached fish or mussels.

Marmitako - Tuna and potato stew. - Pays Basque

Named after the 'Marmita' The pot that was historically used when cooking this fisherman's stew. Normally served as a main course but could be used as a starter.
We have taken this recipe from "The Basque Kitchen" by Gerald Hirigoyen. Gerald and his wife Cameron own and run 'Piperade' in San Francisco.

Salt Cod with Aioli - Provence

This is a typical Provencale dish with hot vegetables served with a garlic and olive oil mayonnaise accompanying the fish.

Bouillabaise - Provence

It has been said that the most distinguishing characteristic of a bouillabaisse is not the fish, because all fish stews and soups have fish, but the unique flavoring derived from saffron, fennel seeds, and orange zest. (Clifford A White)


Gateaux Basque - Pays Basque

If we had to put only one Basque dessert on the site this is the ultimate Basque dessert.